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Jay on Afternoon Commute: Alchemical Dystopian Transhumanism

  “John and myself (Chris) join Afternoon Commute repeat guest, Jay Dyer, for an excellent discussion on H.G. Wells Time Machine and Scientism Propaganda, Space Brothers, Darwinism, Materialism, Future Utopian Ideals of the Ruling Elite, Trangenderism and Transhumanism, Freemasonry, Architecture, I (Chris) delve into a rant about Darwinism, Materialism and The Multiverse.”


JaysAnalysis: Mystical Meaning of the Allegory of the Cave (Half)

  In this half talk, we come to the most important image in the history of western thought and philosophy, the allegory of the cave and the Platonic epistemology and metaphysic. Exemplifying in lucid terms exactly what Plato/Socrates thought about gnosis and statecraft, my talk demystifies and debunks the common misappropriation and misuse of this allegory.…

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The Chaos Grid (Pt. I)

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Natalya Irtenina is a Russian science-fiction writer of traditional Orthodox worldview. This is the first half of her essay “Tradition and Fleeting Senses of Being,” as translated by Mark Hackard. Can there be contexts that are completely free from Tradition? Even anti-tradition in the everyday meaning of…

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Confession of a Samurai

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was baptized into the Orthodox Christian faith on November 13th, 2015, taking the name of Panteleimon. Playing a yakuza gangster who becomes an Orthodox priest in the new Russian film Yerei-San, Tagawa shares his life experience with a journalist of the publication PravMir.…

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The Birth of the Modern Tragedy

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
In an age of nihilism, the more reflective among us will pose a fundamental question: where did Western civilization veer off course? It’s easy to blame hippies from the 1960’s or, more correctly, the Enlightenment era of revolutions, but Europe’s fate was sealed far earlier than the…


Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: 2001 A Space Odyssey Decoded

In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood I break down Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its esoteric meaning. Included are my rebuttals of the Neo-Darwinian philosophy that underpins the narrative, as well as the exotheology mythos that it seeks to evangelize with. 2001 is a technical achievement but also a tremendous propaganda piece that…


Jay wOhio Talk FM: Hegel’s Esoteric Owl & Dialectical PsyOps

Mike Spaulding at Soaring Eagle Radio invited me on to discuss theology, philosophy, apologetics, Marxism and geopolitics. “The intentional process of radical social change demands continual tension or crisis. In the book, Readings in Social Psychology by Theodore Newcomb and Eugene Hartley, published in 1947, we see the formulations of modern change theory and practice…

Athena at the Louvre.

Half Audio Plato’s Republic Pt. 2 – Bk III, Music & Triadic Hierarchy

This is the free half of a full lecture for JaysAnalysis subscribers. Moving to book III, we look at the correspondences in Plato’s Republic between the individual human person, the social order and the universe. How is there a connection between these three seemingly different aspects of experience? What connects them? How does this relate to music…


The Hidden Meaning of True Detective Season 2

See my analysis of True Detective Season 1 here. By: Jay Dyer “All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes. This is particularly true of religious ideas, but the central concepts of science, philosophy, and ethics are no exception to this rule. In their present form they are variants of archetypal ideas,…


Mega-Interview: Jay on Ancient Metaphysics, Spies & Futurist Visions

The Afternoon Commute’s Hoax Buster’s Call invited me back to for a discussion which turned into a mega-interview on a vast array of topics: “John and myself have another great call with Jay Dyer (jaysanalysis.com). We discuss Max Horkheimer,Theodore W. Adorno, Frankfurt School,Marxism, banking, Columbia University, Institute for Social Research,the Nazis, the MACY Group, the…


Jay on Sean Stone’s Buzzsaw: Sex, Consumerism & Philosophy of the Apocalypse

A big thanks to Sean Stone and Buzzsaw for having me on. “Is this the end of history? Explore the philosophy of the end of the world from sex and consumerism, to the lie of a technological utopia created through machines–we lift the veil of psy ops and false flags to examine what is under…


Jay on Laches, Lysis & Euthyphro – Courage, Friendship, Piety

In this partial talk, I pick back up with the Platonic corpus to delve into the next 3 dialogues dealing with the virtues.  Expanding on the method of the Apology, Socrates continues to examine the beliefs of the men of Athens in terms what, precisely, bravery, friendship and religious piety are.  The answers are quite surprising,…

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How the West Became Atheist

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
How did the West’s centuries-long journey from the Christian faith rooted in the tradition of the Church slide into atheism and outright theomachy, the war against God? In my twenties, I was completely invested in the fortified religio-philosophical system known as Thomism. Catholicism was an unassailable castle of argumentation that was…

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Creation Metaphysics and “A Single Unified Science”

By: Jay I have written on scientism lately, and in the archives several more critiques of scientism and naïve empiricism (its presupposition) are available.  The question then arises as to how are we to replace this bad, contradictory narrative of man’s “progress” with something better.  Is there an answer elsewhere?  Can claims of religious belief…

Disagree with Tyson? Racist!

Philosophy Phoenix Arises to Annihilate deGrasse Tyson

  Or, Gödel Versus the New World Order By: Jay In the land of the blind, the 80s black science guy with 80s black guy mustache is king.  In a recent interview, high priest of neo-Darwinian scientism, Neil de Grasse Tyson expounded the true profundity of his worldview.  Tyson stated on a recent podcast: “interviewer:…