T3. Skynet should've just sent the hot bot the first time, in the 80s.

Terminator Series – Revelation of the Coming A.I. Takeover

By: Jay I’ll spare you any Arnold impersonations, as The Terminator impersonation is perennially the material of hack comedians. On the contrary, the Terminator series is one of the more profound examples of predictive programming, establishing memes and implanting preparatory ideas comparable to The Matrix. While The Matrix is the classic conspiracy-genre trope for “awakening”…


JaysAnalysis w Aaron Dykes: “The Techno Death Cult”

In this interview, Aaron and I discuss Bertrand Russell, the Fabian Society, the Cold War dialectic, breakaway civilization, and a selection of science fiction films Aaron found to be insightful, such as Snowpiercer, Soylent Green, and Zardoz. Check out Aaron and Melissa’s work here: http://truthstreammedia.com/ Download the audio mp3 here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVEaFSr-jdTa_QE4PPSkVJw

Images and passageways to higher worlds.

Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence

By: Jay I have contended for a while now the dominant anti-metaphysical stance of the prevailing establishment is a materialist trap designed to bind the mass man in a prison of his five senses.  A model of reality and epistemology pushed by the Royal Society and British Imperial policy for a good damn while now,…

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Plato & Dostoevsky (Pt. II)

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
We continue Russian academic Vladislav Bachinin’s analysis of Fyodor Dostoevsky as metaphysician and his kinship to Plato, the pagan philosopher who illuminated classical man’s vision toward a higher world of immortal essences. What ultimately unites Plato and Dostoevsky is the former’s anticipation and the latter’s glorification, even…

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Plato & Dostoevsky (Pt. I)

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Fyodor Dostoevsky was more than just a writer; he was a penetrating philosopher and metaphysician who passed through the abysses of the spirit in search of divine perfection. In his work Dostoevsky: The Metaphysics of Crime, Russian scholar Vladislav Bachinin examines Dostoevsky’s kinship with Plato, the pagan philosopher honored…

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The Prestige (2006) – A Film About Revelation of the Method

  By: Jay The Pledge For most viewers, The Prestige was a film about rival stage magicians in the Victorian Era, alternately seeking to top one another in the dank climate of emerging industrial revolution and technological wonder.  Lord Caldlow/Angiers (Hugh Jackman) is the secret nobleman who has a flair for the art of illusion, while Robert…

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Magickal Kingdom Ultra: Escape From Tomorrow and Sinister Disney

By: Jay What is Disneyland?  Is it a classic incarnation of Amerikana, or is it, nowadays at least, something more?  Is it harmless, family friendly entertainment where the imagination is able to run free, or is there more at work inside the nation’s largest theme park/entertainment complex?  Rumors and speculation have abounded for years of …

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Creation Metaphysics and “A Single Unified Science”

By: Jay I have written on scientism lately, and in the archives several more critiques of scientism and naïve empiricism (its presupposition) are available.  The question then arises as to how are we to replace this bad, contradictory narrative of man’s “progress” with something better.  Is there an answer elsewhere?  Can claims of religious belief…

Scientism, or aether?

The Cult of Scientism and Nikola Tesla’s Aether

By: Jay The Reign of Scientism I recently watched a BBC documentary titled “The Atom: The Illusion of Reality.” In Part 3, the host delves into the last few decades of quantum physics and makes some interesting admissions relevant to subject matter I discuss. The most significant section of the documentary deals with quantum electro…

Disagree with Tyson? Racist!

Philosophy Phoenix Arises to Annihilate deGrasse Tyson

  Or, Gödel Versus the New World Order By: Jay In the land of the blind, the 80s black science guy with 80s black guy mustache is king.  In a recent interview, high priest of neo-Darwinian scientism, Neil de Grasse Tyson expounded the true profundity of his worldview.  Tyson stated on a recent podcast: “interviewer:…

Wikileaks, Part Deux. Image: Truthseeker.co.uk

The Theater of Media Operations: Snowden Analyzed

By: Jay One of the evident patterns that emerges concerning the theater of operations known as “media” is the never-ending rabbit hole of trails and endless, conflicting details that don’t and won’t add up concerning a figure like Edward Snowden.  The application of the military term “theater of operations” is especially relevant here, since we…

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JaysAnalysis Vindicated: Snowden Admits He’s a CIA Operative

By: Jay Edward Snowden is back in the news giving an exclusive interview to NBC’s Brian Williams Tuesday.  In the interview, Snowden has revealed more of his questionable past.  As witnesses can attest, as soon as the “Snowden Leaks” broke, I called scam, not because I simply call everything a scam, but because of the…

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Desolation & Redemption

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
In the course of what is now titled Continental Philosophy, three figures stand out as preeminent thinkers able to probe the innermost depths of the human psyche in a way previously unknown since perhaps Shakespeare: Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoevsky.   These three were more or…

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Hollywood Occult Brainwashing in Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’

“‘I learned that just beneath the surface there’s another world, and still different worlds as you dig deeper.’ – David Lynch By: Jay The Academy Award-nominated 2001 work of David Lynch, Mulholland Drive, is remembered by most as a macabre, satirical nightmare dreamscape of Neo-noir centering around a typical girl next door’s dream of becoming…

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Did Tykwer’s 2009 ‘The International’ Predict Banker Deaths?

  By: Jay In film analysis found in alternative news it is often the norm to look for hidden symbols and all-pervasive evil codes, as if every artistic venture were controlled by shadowy black ops commanders and occultists. We must avoid being too negative and falling into a myopic view of the world. Some films…

Crush the Terrists!

Two Major Psy Ops Documents You Must Read

These psychological operations are being used on you. By: Jay The Amerikan and global populace have no conception of the level of advanced, high-tech psychological operations they are under.  The field of psy ops, which used to be a tool of governments and military strategists against rival nations has now been turned upon the masses…

The Club of Rome's Fake Green Revolution.

Global Green Luciferian Government

  By: Jay Arguably the central concern of those favoring a corporate global centralized government (along with technology and energy) is the issue the climate and environment.  Both the environment and climate relate closely to energy, as some aspect of the environment will be the source of energy.  Whether it’s food or petroleum, all life revolves around energy and its control.  As…

Kiss your Golden Arches goodbye, Yankees!

Robots Over Russia: The Great Anglo-Techno Game

By: Jay In order to understand the crisis in Ukraine, it is crucial to grasp the key players and plans in the global chess game.  In the last hundred years, the world has been dominated by the Anglo-American imperium.  The British “Great Game” of keeping Russia at bay was a torch passed on to the…

Oxford Inner Party.

JaysAnalysis Interviews Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media

In this interview, I ask Gnostic Media’s Jan Irvin about his thoughts on a variety of issues. However, our interview morphed into a debate on issues of metaphysics which Irvin thinks I deceived him into. Listeners and readers of my material know I frequently have no problem challenging opponents to a debate, so why I…