Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 1 – Jays Analysis

In Part 1 of this discussion, I introduce metaphysics (the branch of philosophy, not witch books), and explain why it has been suppressed in the West. I argue that a special metaphysics is the basis for highly advanced technologies, while the masses are spoon-fed garbage relativism.

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Jays Analysis on Stefan and/or Joe Rogan?

Libertarian Stefan Molyneux.

Libertarian Stefan Molyneux.

Several readers have suggested a debate with Stefan Molyneux on theism and/or a discussion with Joe Rogan on some such topic. Shows that have large audiences will not generally invite a guest on without significant interest. So, if you would like to see this, send Stefan and/or Joe Rogan a tweet or message. Thanks!

Twitter: @JoeRogan @freedomainradio

JaysAnalysis – James Kelley Returns “The Zombie Mass”

Author and historian James Kelley returns to JaysAnalysis to discuss his groundbreaking research on the history of the Frankish empire and its relationship to various developments in western theology and esotericism.  James posits a specific, revolutionary theory about unique Latin developments as well as the famed “zombie mass” of the Middle Ages, leading up to the modern global “new world order” political alignments we see today.  A fascinating, well-researched analysis you don’t want to miss!

James’ blog and articles on the Frankish Civilization and the Zombie Mass can be found here.

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James Kelley is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity and Doxaphysics.

Dark Truths, Dark Future: The Great Secret

Are you John Connor?

Are you John Connor?

By: Jay

When contemplating the present zeitgeist, I am constantly struck by the never-ending stream of inane retardation that assaults my senses on a daily basis.  From the perspective of the elite, this is the chief vindication of their philosophy of mass depopulation.  For many wanna-be elites, the temptation to immediately accept the conclusion that “there are too many stupid people” so “they should be eliminated to keep from breeding,” becomes alluring.  That thought process assumes that by affirming the overall dictum of depopulation, the thinker thereby becomes a member of the elite.  In reality, this is a defense mechanism or psychological trick the mind plays when confronted with extremely difficult information.  So, what do we do with this?  What is the correct approach to taking the so-called “red pill”? I will consider the correct disposition in this article.

My own life has been very interesting:  I have lived on both sides of the US, and most of my time has been spent in the South.  In that journey, I have witnessed a fascinating array of belief systems that have allowed me to gain insights into the nature of worldviews and how the human mind functions psychologically to guard held belief systems.  Belief systems function like operating systems, to use the computer analogy, and invariably include firewalls that operate to deflect challenges to any basic presuppositions.  Indeed, research into mind control and psy ops that dealt with mind-controlled assassins and other forms of warfare demonstrate a large amount of support that correlates with my own observations in the various belief systems I’ve held and encountered.

For those more susceptible to mass programming and manipulation (most people), the normative downloaded worldview given by modernity and state education (mass brainwashing centers) is, as has been analyzed many times here, a bizarre hybrid of Enlightenment rationalism with a fascistic leftoid overlay that is ultimately predicated upon moral and epistemic relativism.  Humans almost all seem, from birth, constituted toward a kind of hardwired relativism in which we are trapped in the schema we were born into.  Over time, as we age, our minds construct our worldviews based on our experiences (or lack thereof) with our mothers, fathers, and other social arrangements.  In these interactions, we are directly encountering archetypes that will function to inform or misinform our perception of ourselves and the world.  These beliefs will vary, depending on our genetics and environment in certain areas, as well as manifesting commonalities amongst certain archetypes, such as “mother,” “father,” etc., across cultures universally. Continue reading

JaysAnalysis Interviews Author James Kelley

James is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity, published by Trine Day.

James is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity, published by Trine Day.

In this interview I was privileged to speak with author and researcher James Kelley.  James has published Anatomyzing Divinity and Realism of Glory to date, and has expertise in numerous subjects, from philosophy of science to literature to theology.  James explains his thesis on western esoterism and alchemy as a result of the Augustino-platonic tradition and absolute divine simplicity.  From there, we explore the nature of the papal system and church history, to Anglo-mystical imperialism with Elizabeth and 007 John Dee, as well as various ideas about the association of espionage and hermeticism.  Get Kelley’s Anatomyzing Divinity here.

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The Process of Your Philosophical Awakening (Audio)

So what is beyond the realm of “conspiracy”? Is that the bottom of the rabbit hole? Does it go deeper? What about religion? Is there a connection between awakening to things like the “new world order” and deeper issues like religion? Is philosophy useful, or just the playground of nerds? How do contemporary politics and issues lead one out of the maze and psychological prison of relativism and being programmed by the system, up to the contemplation of existence and reality itself, and ultimately, God? In this discussion, I outline my views on these questions, explaining how questioning reality and how the world works leads to the biggest questions of all, and why this is beneficial. Most people don’t attempt to relate or connect the questions of philosophy and conspiracy, so come together, let’s reason, and let’s walk out of the cave of appearances into the real world of sunlight.


Bilderberg Group’s Transhumanist Corporate Communism

Bilderberg 2013 will meet at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK

Bilderberg 2013 will meet at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK

By: Jay

The elusive, secretive Bilderberger Group is set to meet this week in Watford, England with plans to reportedly hand the “baton” of leadership on to Google.  I recall back in 1999 first reading about the Bilderberg Group on an obscure conspiracy site now long gone.   At that time, if you mentioned the Bilderberg Group or other leftist elite combines, you were considered insane.  Indeed, even a few years ago, major news and so-called “conservative” news refused to mention Bilderberg, with neo-con talkmongers cowering to what they falsely consider capitalism.  While it may be considered a good sign that Bilderberg is now appearing in mainstream news due to sites like Drudge and Infowars forcing the elite entity into public view, Bilderberg is still able to hide behind a mask of so-called capitalism.

When a football star goes to a strip club, it’s the top news story for a week: when the heads of international banking, government and industry meet in private with future candidates like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, it’s a media blackout, replete with scoffs and mockery when Bilderberg is mentioned.  What generally occurs when large secretive cabals are exposed to the spotlight of public scrutiny is that the entity takes on a less formative role, continuing to function as a kind of debating society, while larger power plays are made at newer, secretive meetings.  As longtime Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin has shown in his excellent The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, and in recent interviews, Bilderberg nowadays is now more of an errand gopher meeting of the global elite, while still retaining an important function. Continue reading

Science Confirms We Fringe: Who Runs the World?

Look, see how the globe is become a pretty shiny ball of progress through innernetz!

Look, see how the globe is become a pretty shiny ball of progress through innernetz!

But the “elite” TED speaker still can’t use the “C” word (not cunt)

By: Jay

First, watch the TEDtalk lecture at the bottom, “James Glattfelder: Who Runs the World?”  If you recall, this study mentioned in the below lecture was going around the web, especially on “conspiracy” sites, a year or so ago.  What the study shows is the relationship between the ownership of shareholders and corporate networks.  Now, while you think we live in a “free market” system under capitalism, the study shows we absolutely do not.  In fact, this interpretation of the data is the siren song we fringe thinkers and researchers have been saying for years.  The speaker is right that perhaps the international data in relations to systems analysis has not been analyzed before, but his conclusions are old hat to us in the reality community.

The conclusion is that the transnationalist entities are linked and basically run the world.  The influence of the shareholders amounts to running the planet through maintaining the controlling shares of the top companies.  146 top players thus can control half the world’s wealth and resources.  To point this out is not “communism,” since I have shown numerous times that “communism” and “socialism” are not real movements, though the anti-establishment energy they channel is very real.  Communism and socialism are control mechanisms to divert anti-establishment furor into movements controlled by the transnationalist/globalist interests the TED talk speaker mentions at the bottom.  The speaker also fails to mention that all these top “TNCs” are behind the speakers who frequently appear on TED talks, like Bill Gates and Al Gore.

But keep in mind, they are not capitalists.  Capitalism always takes the blame for the machinations of entities that want to stamp it out.  These entities are not, strictly speaking, socialist, either.  Gore and Gates, for example, are billionaire monopoly capitalists that openly intend on imposing a Fabian technocratic socialism for the masses, while ensuring privatization for those at the top.  For the bottom 99%, regulations, laws, rules and bureaucratic red tape are marshaled to shut down any and all competition, while those at the top are above any and all laws.  In essence, we are under the worst system imaginable for 99% of the globe.  99% of the populace still cannot figure out that their whole spectrum of existence has been weaponized to rid them from the face of the earth.  Even the TED talk pseudo elites are unable to figure out the British model of divide and conquer eugenics that still runs the world.  I have tried and tried and tried to hammer this home to friends and readers, yet few have caught on and prefer the Matrix.

The corporations the speaker mentions are actually the source of the modern Green Movement, originally an “anti-capitalist” strand of communism that descends from Marx and Engels who were the first to write about the supposed “alienation” of man from nature through technology and private ownership of property.  A connection can also be made here to Darwin, since Marxism was based partly on partly Darwinism, yet minus the Anglo racial superiority.  The “alienation” of man from a state of pure nature and equalitarianism was supposed to be reconciled through the proletarian revolution, leading to the stage of universal state communism prior to libertarian freedom through the withering away of the state (in classical Marxism).  However, in our day all of this has morphed into the monstrosity we see today: corporate socialism, or fascism.  There are no longer any nation sates, only subsidiaries of the Tyrell Corporation and the Umbrella Corporation. Continue reading

JaysAnalysis Interviews Dooms Chapel Horror Director John Holt

It is, in fact, coming...

It is, in fact, coming…

I was able to track down The Dooms Chapel Horror director, John Holt for an interview, since he was filming locally.  In the interview, we discuss the evolution from the short film to the production, his own ideas and tastes, as well as my own pitch to create a horror film about the life of Stanley Kubrick – as a werewolf.  Fun interview!

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