Jay w/Greg Moffitt: Shamans, Demons & Hollywood

  Greg Moffitt of Legalise Freedom invited me on to discuss the spiritual realm, the possibility of demons in relation to the fractured and traumatized psyche, ritual occultism and abuse, and the cryptocracy.  How far do the oligarchs take occultism?  Is it just a hoodwink, or are there really entities that can possess an individual?  …


Boiler Room Debate: Jay Vs Bernard on Jihad and False Flags

Tonight’s Boiler Room featured Hesher, Spore, Branco Malic, Roman Bernard of Radix Journal and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East. Inadvertently, Mr. Bernard and I ended up in a relatively heated exchange over the prevalence of false flags and the degree to which the “global Jihad” and so-called War on Terror are organized, provocateured…


Esoteric Hollywood: Lloyd Johnsonius, Orson Welles & Vertigo

Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album. In this wild and wacky installment of Esoteric Hollywood, moral majority neo-con figure Lloyd Johnsonius tells us in Dobsonesque fashion which movies are acceptable. From there, I’m joined by my old high school hijinks partner, Ben Enoch to…


Jay on Austin Radio’s CryptoShow: SPECTRE and Impersonations

Housed at their studio at Brave New Books and blasting out on Austin FM, the CryptoShow asked me on to discuss real-world geopolitics and espionage, as well as requesting some of my own impersonations that I forced them to freely request.  The discussion was lively and lackadaisical as we cover a broad range of topics…


Vorticist Art, Fascism, & Qi Gong in Dr. Seuss’ 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

Guest Post by: Mark Burns In 1953, Theodor Geisel, better known to us as popular children’s author Dr. Seuss, set about, along with producer Stanley Kramer and director Roy Rowland, to create a surrealistic, fantasy musical, the intention of which was to explore “themes of world dominance and oppression coming out of World War II” in The…


Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood” Talk Show Premiers Tonight at 10 PM Pacific

  Together with Mike Adams of Natural News, as well as a host of other excellent shows, the new form of talk radio premiers tonight as I take the 10 PM Pacific slot, every Tues-Friday night, with “Esoteric Hollywood” on Talknetwork.com.  Tonight FreemanFly and Jamie Hanshaw kick off my show with a wild trek into…

Every Tues-Fri 10PM Pacific.

Jay Dyer on Weaponized News: “Esoteric Hollywood”

Weaponized News invited me on to discuss my upcoming show Esoteric Hollywood that premiers Tuesday, the 20th at 10 P.M. Pacific on Talknetwork.com. In this interview, we cover the coming presidential election, Hillary, the GOP and Trump, Hollywood and esoteric symbolism, the deeper elements of Eyes Wide Shut and ritual initiation, the trap of the…


Jay Dyer on HigherSide Chats: Sci Fi Esoteric Programming (Half)

Greg Carlwood from Higher Side Chats invited me on to discuss science fiction, esoterica, Asimov’s Foundation, numerology, biblical texts and gematria, twilight language, prophetic texts, philosophy, ancient philosophy, Kubrick films, and much more! This is the first half of a full interview that is available for paid subscription through my own or Greg’s site.


Jay w/Boiler Room: Cults, Feminism & Geopolitical Subterfuge

  Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ starting at 11:00 PM-1:00AM EST, or 8:00 PM-10:00PM PST every Wednesday. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for barfly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals. Join…


Mega-Interview: The Magus, The Trickster & the Ape

This is one for the record books – 6 hour mega-interview: The Afternoon Commute from Hoax Buster’s Call asked me to come back for a conversation on everything under the sun, and that we do. Topics covered include: Reality and fiction, fictional worlds, The Black Dahlia, ritual murder, surrealism, dream states and Psy Ops, relativism and epistemic…

Time Cover of cult disaster.

Nurture Failure: A Psychobiographical Approach to Jim Jones

©James L. Kelley 2015 Romeosyne “I’ve long since put out a warrant for [God’s] arrest…charging him with murder, abandonment of his children, abandonment of his people, desertion, torture…”. —Jim Jones [1] Over 900 human beings died by the imbibing or injection of “red Kool-Aid” on 18 November, 1978 [2]. We know where they were: Jonestown,…


Jay Dyer w/James Corbett: “The Prestige” and Revelation of the Method

James Corbett of the Corbett Report asked me to come on to discuss Christopher Nolan films, and in particular The Prestige in its relation to statecraft, espionage, the theater of media/warfare and how this relates to revelation of the method and ‘Twilight Language.’ James and I compare and contrast the film with major events like…


Jay on Boiler Room: Transhumanism’s Tempest & the Atlantis Dystopia

I return to Boiler Room with Patrick Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire, Branco Malic of KaliTribune and the rest of the gang to discuss Agenda 21, gentrification, Balkan geopolitics, social engineering, Fabian socialism and Brave New World, posthumanism and the “Perfect Murder,” masonry in Croatia, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Prospero in relation to Bacon and the New World,…


(Half Audio) Jay’s Esoteric Analysis of Huxley’s Brave New World

Intro song: Kore Kosmou – “Dream Agent” In this analysis, I cover Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World from a historical, philosophical and esoteric perspective. What is Huxley saying? Was he involved in erecting the scientistic state we now live in? Did he leave clues in his famous Berkeley lecture that suggest…


Mega-Interview Jay w/Afternoon Commute: Scientism & Pop Occulture

  John and myself engage in yet another excellent discussion with Jay Dyer. We discuss the bizarre WDBJ shooting, Crisis Actors, Mass Media Psyops, Traveling Actor Troops, U.S. Commission on National Security, Actor Andy Parker, Les Miserables, “The Merchant of Killogue”, Agitprop Theater, The Shooting Epidemic, Think Tanks, Pop Culture, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientism, Nanobots,…


Jay On Boiler Room: Impersonations and Political Satire

I join the Boiler Room squad, including Patrick Henningsen, Daniel Spaulding, Hesher, and Spore for a satirical and comedic breakdown of the political landscape, including impersonations of Rand Paul, Nic Cage and Robin Leach. From there, Pat impersonates Trump and we delve into the gross and bizarre. Stream or download the podcast here. http://www.21stcenturywire.com


Mega-Interview: Jay on David Lynch Dreamscapes, Sciencegods & High School Hijinks

The Afternoon Commute’s Hoax Busters Call invited me back for a mega-interview. Topics covered in this podcast include: Brave New World, metaphysics, Huxley, The Organization Man, scientism, suppressed technology, David Lynch, dreamstates, occult Psy Ops, the divine council of sciencegods, false flag shootings, Neo-Darwinism, historical scams, ancient myths and warfare, Hollywood, AIDS, Piltdown Man and…


Jay Dyer on the Great Game, ISIS and Lone Wolf Shooters

Jay Dyer joins the Tim Kelly Show to discuss his article “Why Does The War on Terror Serve Western Policy?” and a piece he co-wrote with 21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen, “TROUBLE IN THE HOMELAND: Chattanooga’s Made-for-TV Psychodrama.” We examine the ISIS “threat” and why the terrorist group is just another proxy force created by…

Film poster.

Wild Card – Guest Analysis

Guest Post by: The Popcorn Reviewer Are big gaming companies behind casino-themed films? This is a question that has been posed by many marketing experts for years. Just like product placement in films, some believe that the major players in the casino industry have integrated the rewards of gambling into some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters…


Numbered Man – An Analysis of The Prisoner (1967)

By: Jay Dyer 1960s spy fiction is some of my favorite fiction.  Developing its own unique aesthetic, from Bond to The Saint to Harry Palmer, the vivid, flamboyant style of both the spies and their cinema incarnations created an iconic pop phenomena that survives still (as 007 is still going strong).  Everyone knows 007, but few are aware of…