Masculine Wisdom/Feminine Matter: the Drug-Fractured Psyche

Phony revolution.

Phony revolution.

By: Jay

While reading John Marks’ famous book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the chapter on drugs and MKULTRA elucidated a deep insight.   Some of the earliest pioneers of drug research for intelligence purposes noticed that hallucinogens resulted in the depersonalization and dividing of the psyche into fragmentation.  This fragmentation was later engineered to be “alternate” personae in the test subject that could be programmed with certain messages and key words to unlock the hidden information.  There are countless books and movies about the divided psyche and mind control, but what about the deeper question of the dividing itself?  Why did the drugs induce a state in which the individual psyche was seen as something to be obliterated and merged with the impersonal “Absolute” (in the case mentioned in the book)?

Modern psychology and intelligence research has plumbed the depths of the psyche, yet rather than quantifying and defining it, more mysteries have been raised.  The average academic propagandizes the mass student that the psyche is mere matter, but clearly philosophy, mathematics and theology show that to be absurd.  From my own observations and research concerning those who have had intense hallucinogenic drug experiences, definite patterns emerge.  One of the most prominent patterns is the sense of the psyche being fragmented, disintegrating and becoming “one” with the all.  The hallucinogen causes a kind of inner journey which shamans of primitive religions have embarked upon for millennia, but the result tends towards the same conclusion: monism.  Yet oddly the philosophical monism adopted invariably leads many of the drugged to feel that their own psyche has fractured, divided, or split.

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Audio Debate: Is Darwinism Philosophical & Scientific?

In this installment, fellow student of philosophy Josh Dale joins me to hash out the question of Darwinism. Is Darwinism scientific and philosophically defensible? I argue in the negative, he argues the pro. Enjoy!

Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 1 – Jays Analysis

In Part 1 of this discussion, I introduce metaphysics (the branch of philosophy, not witch books), and explain why it has been suppressed in the West. I argue that a special metaphysics is the basis for highly advanced technologies, while the masses are spoon-fed garbage relativism.

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Darwinism Annihilated – Jays Analysis

Part two of “Deconstructing Darwinism”

In part 2, I pick up where I left off, devling deeper into the Darwinian and evolutionary paradigms. I focus more on the philosophical problems, particularly its chief flaw – the lack of a unifying principle. This constitutes the most significant philosophical contradiction in this outdated theory/narrative.

Part 1 is Here.

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JaysAnalysis – James Kelley Returns “The Zombie Mass”

Author and historian James Kelley returns to JaysAnalysis to discuss his groundbreaking research on the history of the Frankish empire and its relationship to various developments in western theology and esotericism.  James posits a specific, revolutionary theory about unique Latin developments as well as the famed “zombie mass” of the Middle Ages, leading up to the modern global “new world order” political alignments we see today.  A fascinating, well-researched analysis you don’t want to miss!

James’ blog and articles on the Frankish Civilization and the Zombie Mass can be found here.

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James Kelley is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity and Doxaphysics.

Dooms Chapel Horror – Second Interview

The Dooms Chapel Horror director John Holt and producer Chris Bowers return to JaysAnalysis to discuss more details of the upcoming film.  We joke about directors and some of the funny and creepy experiences on set.

The Dooms Chapel Kickstarter page with the film trailer and info on donating to updating their equipment can be found here.

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Dooms Chapel draws an entire town of extras, including yours truly somewhere in the mix...

Dooms Chapel draws an entire town of extras, including yours truly somewhere in the mix…

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Jay’sAnalysis Interview: The Collins Bros. “Invoking the Beyond”


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In this interview, I quiz the Collins brothers on their claim that the alien mythos is manufactured by the power elite for the purpose of social engineering. Instead of “little green men” or benevolent space brothers, the UFO phenomenon operates as a mask of the beyond, in Kantian terminology. Their forthcoming book “Invoking the Beyond” will make the case that the UFO/alien narrative may have a darker, terrestrial origin. We discuss everything from Roswell to Enlightenment despotism – it’s a great interview, full of priceless information.

Note: I mentioned Dr. Ewen Cameron, and I meant Dr. George Estabrooks.

JaysAnalysis: Darwinism Deconstructed, Pt 1

In this discussion, I approach Darwinism in terms of its philosophical presuppositions. The focus of my critique is in terms of the Darwinian worldview and its origins. I will not be giving cheesy creationist arguments here: this is a historic, epistemic and metaphysical critique. Does Darwinism provide “explanatory power” for such issues as the origins of life, biological science, and man’s so-called future progress (or lack thereof)? Is it “scientific”? Why is it so widely held? What are the strongest presuppositional arguments against it?

Part Two is Here.

For further reading, see Dr. Philip Sherrard’s analysis and critique of Teilhard de Chardin here.

The Collins brothers’ analysis of Darwinism as gnostic mythos here.

JaysAnalysis Interviews Author James Kelley

James is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity, published by Trine Day.

James is the author of Anatomyzing Divinity, published by Trine Day.

In this interview I was privileged to speak with author and researcher James Kelley.  James has published Anatomyzing Divinity and Realism of Glory to date, and has expertise in numerous subjects, from philosophy of science to literature to theology.  James explains his thesis on western esoterism and alchemy as a result of the Augustino-platonic tradition and absolute divine simplicity.  From there, we explore the nature of the papal system and church history, to Anglo-mystical imperialism with Elizabeth and 007 John Dee, as well as various ideas about the association of espionage and hermeticism.  Get Kelley’s Anatomyzing Divinity here.

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JaysAnalysis Interviews Mark Hackard

In this interview, I quiz writer Mark Hackard about a plethora of topics, including medieval and modern philosophy and its degeneration, conspiracy and government, the new world order and Russia, eastern and western theology, esoterism and film, psy ops and mass media, transhumanism, literature, and a host of other issues.  Mark is a Russia specialist and an exceptional social/political writer.  Mark writes for Alternative Right and his articles can be found here and at TakisMag here.  Check out Mark’s appearance on RT here, discussing Brzezinski.