Western Support for Communism: CFR, OSS, Soviets and Asia

Communist and fascist posters evidence the same propaganda tactics.

Communist and fascist posters evidence the same propaganda tactics.

Full Spectrum Dominance in the Anglo-American Great Game

By: Jay

It is often stated in “conspiracy circles” so-called that the Western elites help train and put Mao in power.  Is this true?  Can we find documented evidence for the claim? If so, it would put a lot of modern “conservative” and “libertarian” analyses in perspective.  In my experience, the so-called “conspiracy” sites and alternative media outlets are far more reliable (for all their shortcomings), as anyone with any sense knows, than the mainstream media, that retarded organ of Government, Inc.  Those that want to live in the Matrix can stay in the Matrix.

For those who want to know the real world, several factors are worth analyzing in regard to this question.  First, the CIA (preceded by the OSS) was set up as a result of the National Security Act of 1947 under Franklin D. Roosevelt, springing in part from the Pratt House in New York (future home of the Council on Foreign Relations), itself modelled from the British Secret Intelligence Service.  Likewise, the over-arching institutions that control and run the intelligence agencies in the West, like the Council on Foreign Relations, were modelled on the Oxford Round Table Groups and the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Indeed, the Pratt House’s British counterpart was the Chatham House.  We read from the Council on Foreign Relation’s site as follows:

‘The Council’s home on East 65th Street, so grand when acquired after the Wall Street crash, was proving hopelessly inadequate for these expansions. In 1944 the widow of Harold Irving Pratt, a director of Standard Oil of New Jersey and a faithful Council member since 1923, donated the family’s four-story mansion, at the southwest corner of 68th Street and Park Avenue, for the Council’s use. (In keeping with a prevailing reverse snobbery, the address and front door were on the side street, not the more showy avenue.) John D. Rockefeller, Jr., led a slate of 200 members and companies who volunteered funds to convert the gracious residence into offices, meeting rooms, and an institutional library. When the Council moved into its new quarters in April 1945, Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, a member since 1938, came to New York, “to bear witness [he said], as every Secretary of State during the past quarter of a century, to the great services and influence of this organization in spreading knowledge and understanding of the issues of United States foreign policy.”

In regard to the Pratt House and OSS one should note the prominent position of Allen Dulles in moving from the OSS to the CFR.  Also important is the transition of US foreign policy from “isolationist” or perhaps non-interventionist, to openly imperial engine for the Anglo-American establishment: Continue reading

Cornell Lecture by General: The New World Order

Here is a general speaking at Cornell on the New World Order, which many of you still have no clue about. The general speaks to the idiot audience that also has no clue.

The Great Dystopian Mass Culling to Come

"Blessings of the State, Blessings of the Masses."

“Blessings of the State, Blessings of the Masses.”

You are now living in a dystopian science fiction movie

By: Jay

As I watch the classic science fiction films and read the novels, particularly the dystopian genre, it becomes evident that each one has its own piece of the puzzle for the coming future nightmare.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Soylent Green to 1984 to THX1138, these works of art give us insight into the coming zeitgeist.  The reality of a global technocratic slave state is not an idea most are willing to consider.  After all, here in Amerika, the” land of the free and the home of the brave,” we have groceries full of food, vidi screens with plenty of games, sex and football, and plenty of paper Federal Reserve Notes.  Art has the power to function prophetically, capturing the truth of what is to come as it emerges from deep within the collective unconscious, and so I will give my thesis and prediction of the dystopian art.

But is this really how we live?  Are we really “free’?  What does it mean to be “free”?  In my estimation, the freedom most people are fooled into thinking they have is one of total relativism and moral ambivalence.  “Freedom,” somehow through Overton Window incrementalism, became synonymous with total relativism and meaninglessness.  But relativism and meaninglessness lead to nihilism and self-destruction.  This is the end result of not being able to use basic logic and reasoning.  The so-called “left” is a mass collective of mindless drones that work harder than anyone to ensure their own enslavement and annihilation.   When Lenin came to power, he executed the Czarists and  royals.  When Stalin came to power, he eliminated all the Leninists and Trotskyists.  When they were eliminated, Stalin then purged his own officers.  The watchers were watching the watchers, and it all imploded.  Now, our slave state has acquiesced to the same Sovietization, and will be run by the mindless left, all of whom are too foolish to understand that the regime they support is the very one that will destroy them.

While eugenics is a difficult issue for some, the left should understand that their adoption of eugenics and Fabian socialism is ultimately meant to kill them.  The “Wise Men” that run the Western establishment are not leftists, and in fact hate their drone underlings with a passion, and when the great culling arrives, after the opposition is attacked with the zombie “leftist” hordes, the system will turn against its henchman minion class. This is exactly what happened in the Soviet system, and all those hateful, godless professors out there should take note.  The “academic class” (I thought there were no class distinctions?) is not the class that will go into the future: they are slaves to a few thousand internationalists. Continue reading

Jay’s Analysis Vindicated by Veteran CIA Analyst

Algierian and Mali intrigues.

Algierian and Mali intrigues.

By: Jay

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the events in Libya, Mail and Algiers were engineered false flags, citing recent works I had read like Mark Curtis’ Secret Affairs and Stephen Dorril’s MI6 that provide ample scholarly evidence for staged crises and the manipulation of various Middle Eastern intrigues by various intelligence agencies.  Since I still get a good bit of criticism and opposition, I am citing this as an instance of vindication. In that article, I wrote:

“We are now seeing the manifestation of the black budget above as the biometric ID tracking and the special/black operations.  Libya, Mali and now Algiers are the present targets of the proxy wars, false flag terror and now the intelligence-run hostage crisis that is currently plastering the news media.  This is the Anglo establishment moving their forces into Russian controlled areas through proxy wars.  The key to these operations is intelligence and media propaganda that attempts to give rise to justified invasion.  Researchers and analysts have known for several years these operations were in the works for Africa by Africom.  This also gives justification for the implementation of biometric ID tracking, since the auspice is tracking “bad guys.”

In a recent talk given at the Brookings Institute, 30 year CIA veteran Bruce Riedel spoke about the DSR and the use of “false flags” and other tactics in controlling Al Qaeda and its shoot offs: Continue reading

“Jay’s Analysis” Mentioned on Michigan Radio


Thanks to PaleoRadio and Jeremiah Bannister for the plug for Jay’s Analysis on his recent radio show in Grand Rapids, MI.  A reader sent me this odd exchange on the topic of drones.  In the midst of two interesting “conspiracy calls” relating to Jesse Ventura, the 80s film Predator from “Lloyd,” and a second caller obsessed with Taco Bell and aliens, Bannister plugs the site as “excellent” at 48:00-56:00 minutes in.  Thanks, Mr. Bannister.

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Close Encounters of the Third kind – Esoteric Analysis

Film poster with pyramidal image of road leading to the light at the top.

Film poster with pyramidal image of road leading to the light at the top.

By: Jay

Spielberg is in several senses, a master.  His 80s films constitute part of the very essence of what it was to grow up as a child of the 80s like myself.  Those of you who did have a keen sense for that 80s “feel” – a decade when it seemed simpler.  Reagan was a good guy leading the free West against a godless empire of commies and atheists, while yuppies could found businesses, and Jacko burned his curls at Pepsi-funded mega-concerts.  In the midst of this milder pop culture was a series of Spielberg and Lucas films, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Back to the Future that made the 80s even more enjoyable.  I recently did an analysis of Raiders of the Lost Ark, noting the esoteric elements found within, and this time we are going to look at that late 70s (1977) gateway to the 80s that was Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

One crucial element I’ve noticed in both E.T. and Close Encounters is a deeper esoteric theme that has been overlooked in all the analyses I’ve seen so far: the nature of symbols, language and communication.  This will become clearer as we progress.  As the film begins, we are shown mysterious ships that appear in the desert, the French scientist and the cartographer interview an old Mongolian man who says of the UFOs that “the sun came out and sang.”  There was a direct connection between the entities and music or sound, and they are directly connected with the sun.   Simultaneously, across the globe in India Hindu pilgrims and yogis had gathered to sing to the entities during the daylight, “Ah yah, Ah yah ye.”  This is close to the Tetragrammaton, the sacred Name of God in Scripture: Spielberg may be making a direct connection to the entities and the biblical notion of God as Lord Zbaoth, Lord of Hosts. In this instance, however, the “hosts” appear to be closer to the gods, possibly as demons or angelic.  Note also that over the old man is the Star of David, a symbol that would be very familiar to Spielberg.



When the “aliens” arrive at Barry’s house, what happens is more in line with supernatural phenomena surrounding the multitudinous accounts of possession.  Strange occurences like electrical disturbances and electronics going haywire mark their arrival, and it’s worth noting that the police cars, airplane and trucks go haywire, running in circles.  Immediately following the Barry scene, we are shown Roy and his son doing fractions over the family train set.  Roy, we notice, has this fascination with models and miniature versions of things.  In symbology or semiotics (which is key to unlocking Close Encounters and E.T.), the connection of a smaller image, icon or model with the thing itself is simulacra.



In semiotics, particularly in Plato’s Sophist, simulacrum is intended to fool the viewer into thinking the copy is the real thing.  The copy takes on a life of its own, yet viewed in scale it would clearly appear that the copy is not real.  This is a perfect analogy for the nature of film itself, as well as the role of the director.  The writer and/or film director is creating a simulacra of the real world with models and pictures, piecing and placing them together in a certain way, just as Roy does with the model train and city he has built. One may think of the simulated beings in Blade Runner or the simulated world of The Matrix here. Spielberg has mastered this art of simulation, and is presenting a simulated reality world – that of UFO-invaded America that is intended to produce a certain effect in the population.  Can this be taken to a larger scale, to which Spielberg and the director himself is a “toy” of the larger, galactic forces or entities of the cosmos?  Are we a Greek scale of being, being “played” and “directed” by the celestial hierarchy? Continue reading

Wag the Dog (1997) – An Exercise in Meta-Propaganda

Wag the Dog film poster.

Wag the Dog film poster.

A Brilliant Revelation of the Method

By: Jay

Wag the Dog (1997) is one of those 90s movies you somehow missed.  I don’t know how I did, but I recently  came across it looking for something along the lines of propaganda and psychological warfare in film, and boy was I in for a treat.  Wag the Dog is dark satire and is far more than I expected it to be.  The film is about private intelligence consultants/marketing experts creating a fake war as a distraction during a presidential candidate’s re-election that is racked by scandal.

Robert deNiro plays Conrad Brean, “Mr. Fix It,” the intelligence/media manipulator hired to create a big distraction that ends up being a fake war with “Albanian fundamentalist terrorists.”  There are several people this might be, and it could also be a composite, but given his hat and appearance, E. Howard Hunt immediately comes to mind, though the timing is off.

While most analyses of the film would focus on the film’s narrative itself as an expose, which is true as far as it goes, I”d like to take a step back and point out that it is more than that.  It’s an example of what I’d call meta-propaganda, in the sense that metanarrative in the study of Shakespeare involves a story about the process of writing a story, so with Wag the Dog we have an example of meta-propaganda.  The film is itself propaganda about the process of making propaganda.  This is the secret power and effect of predictive programming: hoodwinking a unknowing mass populace into accepting a manipulation of archetypes and emotional images that produce a desired effect.  The chief medium of this craftworking is film and news. Continue reading