How the World Really Works, Pt. 1: The MI6 Model

The present book under anaklysis.

The present book under analysis.

By: Jay

For those who enjoy the subject matter in my analysis, Stephen Dorril’s MI6 is often referenced, recommended and cited as a prime example of real-world intrigue.  It’s functions as a window into how the West has operated geo-politically the last one hundred years, during the two great wars, the Cold War, and into the modern era of the “war on terrorism” so-called.  The book was published in 2002, so it’s also not that out of date, and since its publication, Mark Curtis’ 2010 Secret Affairs has also been published vindicating much of Dorril’s analysis.  Dorril’s book can be seen as a lengthier, massive version of the material in Curtis’ book, with Secret Affairs focusing on the West’s utilization of radical Islam.  Curtis is also a former LSE graduate and Royal Institute research fellow.  Dorril is also a professor and intelligence researcher, as well as a BBC consultant.  The point being, neither of these authors are “conspiratorial” in their approach.  While both might be said to be probably somewhat “left” in their analysis, the presentation in both are attempts at factual analysis.

The purpose of this article?  To shut the mouths of the countless idiots and lazy intellectuals that sit back offering endless criticism and don’t read or know about any of this.  Do I really care? No, but it’s fun to make mincemeat of the pseudo-intellectuals that sit back as armchair philosophers and critics that don’t read jack shit about jack shit, but feel the need to correct me in every possible way.  You see, it’s “bad” to read books on a multitude of subjects – it’s bad to be interested in geo-politics.  What you’re supposed to do is get married, get screwed over by your fat wife, then get screwed by some vulturous corporation after 40 years of servile servitude, and then proceed to your early grave through orderly euthanasia by the stategod, should you be allowed to live that long, after all your cancer-causing vaccines, Soviet-fluoridated water and GMO foods.  I’ll gladly take the gadfly mantle of “failure” by this ridiculous “society.”  When this all converts to the automatic technocratic technocracy, what some boomer thinks in 2012 will be on no one’s mind, other than for a good laugh.  To other detractors and critics who complain that this blog is not written for a mass audience, no it isn’t.  This is supposed to be the “real world” isn’t it?  Grow up and read a book. Continue reading

On Evil, Intrigue and the Left

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil

By: Jay

It is often the case that detractors, opponents and skeptics will themselves latch onto a catchphrase or cliché statement about “how the world really works” in order to debunk the claims of anyone who challenges the mainstream account of events.  For them, “conspiracy theorists” will read everything as a conspiracy.  Ironically, the forebears of modern leftists were themselves the ones who asked questions about the status quo of their day, but as one learns in the study of paradigms and worldviews, the new opinions become the new dogmas.  As Foucault correctly explained, the modern world did not rid itself of hierarchy, “shepherds” and authority: it merely exchanged the old ones for a new.

Not all truths are to be told to all men, and not all people are sufficiently mature to deal with the harsh realities of realpolitik.  The fact remains that men are easily duped and fooled.  The system knows this, and thus statecraft is based largely on psychology and social engineering.  Guided by pragmatism, this idea is ancient, but Machiavelli is a great example.  For Machiavelli, statecraft was precisely the ability to manage intrigue.  And the reality is, it is much more this than ideology that guides men and nations.  In his Art of War, Machiavelli writes of the corruption of the military industrial complex of his day:

“But because military institutions have become completely corrupt and far removed from the ancient ways, these sinister opinions have arisen which make the military hated and intercourse with those who train them avoided. And I, judging, by what I have seen and read, that it is not impossible to restore its ancient ways and return some form of past virtue to it, have decided not to let this leisure time of mine pass without doing something, to write what I know of the art of war, to the satisfaction of those who are lovers of the ancient deeds. And although it requires courage to treat of those matters of which others have made a profession, none the less, I do not believe that it is a mistake to occupy a position with words, which may, with greater presumption, have been occupied with deeds; for the errors which I should make in writing can be corrected without injury to anyone, but those which are made with deeds cannot be found out except by the ruin of the Commanders.” Continue reading

Roundtable Ft. Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Strategic Vision”

World War III Scenarios: Africom, Colorado, Nukes and Underground Bases

Underground bases have nothing to do with aliens, and everything to do with nuclear strikes.

Underground bases have nothing to do with aliens, and everything to do with nuclear strikes.

By: Jay

The Anglo-American establishment sought to create a world government with the engineered World War I through the problem-reaction-solution Hegelian dialectic of the League of Nations, which ultimately failed.  Following that war, a second was engineered with the fascists and communists both receiving funding from Wall Street and other elite combines for the purpose of allowing a real enemy to run amok.  This is why the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundations, Carnegie Endowment, JP Morgan and others are on record having funded communism and fascism, as Dr. Carroll Quigley notes at length in Tragedy and Hope.  Keep in mind as well, Tragedy and Hope is not a conspiracy text, but a chronicle of the Anglo establishment writing about his investigations of the Western establishment’s own documents.

The most amazing aspect of Quigley’s book is the admission of the Western elite’s funding of socialism and fascism for the purpose of controlled, although real, conflict.  The wars are engineered because war is a racket.  While adept researchers are aware of all this, the question remains, “What is being planned in the next few decades?”  Is it appropriate to speculate about the underground bases, military build ups, surveillance state, secret tech, drug trade, proxy wars, staged terror events, expansionism, and Russian/Chinese/Anglo strategies?  What is the longterm endgame here?

Clearly the Anglo establishment is intent upon their new world order, and are funding and welcoming these conflicts with the intention of a new world war which has the advantage of distracting from economic woes, rallying the masses around phony patriotism and propaganda, and the need for a global military and economic authority to police the regional conflicts that will arise due to the planned integration of the continental unions.  As I have written before, the Eurasian Union, the American Unions, and the African Union will function as the economic and authoritarian centers for the shadow government that is already in place in the West.  For this to emerge, the right crises are necessary to bring about the central military and economic planning bureaus that will enforce a global socialism, modelled after the Fabian socialists of England.  This is precisely what the EU already is, and is what the EU-Russian merger will be, as well as the North American Union.  The justifications for these mergers is always “free trade,” regardless of the Marxist or socialist status of the member nations.

Analyst Joel Skousen makes the case that the coming conflict must be nuclear in order to do sufficient damage to western sites, as well as enticing Russia into a nuclear event that will end in Russia’s defeat.  Russia’s satellite states in South America, Africa and the Balkans must be enticed so as to allow for a global involvement, with the U.S. receiving a preemptive strike, and the retaliation being the annihilation of Russia with the West’s super high-tech space-based weapons.  It is a constant back-story news feature about Russian and Chinese spies stealing and being given western technology, Skousen argues, for Russia to be enticed.  When Russia takes the bait, the US will respond with the billions of dollars of black budget defense weaponry that we know exists, but don’t really know about.  Wired magazine, for example, ran this story:

“These secrets are different. Their names are obscured by code words, or simply listed as “classified programs.” But with a little digging, we can get a (limited) sense of how much money is being spent on the U.S. government’s most secret military projects. In fact, you can take a look for yourself. We’ve put together this spreadsheet with the latest information. Feel free to add, subtract and edit it — kind of like a classified cash wiki.

This year, the military’s black budget appears to be a little over $51 billion, down from the $56 billion which held steady for the last two years, not including inflation. The reductions are also not really a surprise considering the cuts happening nearly everywhere else.”

Concerning the expansions in Africa that we are now seeing, Wired projected in February of last year: Continue reading

Cultural Marxism, Modern Art and Hipsterism

Sadly, Bauhaus was not just a band, but a hideous communist architecture style that likely bombarded your senses when you were in college.

Sadly, Bauhaus was not just a band, but a hideous communist architecture style that likely bombarded your senses when you were in college.

By: Jay

It is a frequently misunderstood notion that “modern” and “abstract” art was an organic development that arose from grassroots battles against “oppression” and the “folk art” of the lower classes. In fact, ugly, degenerate art arose from Soviet and communist circles as a means to attack aesthetic beauty. I often remark that “Bauhaus” architecture is communist to the surprise of listeners, but the facts are, “modern art” is almost wholly a communist and Soviet invention of weaponized culture.

To understand this, one must look at the Frankfurt School of Marxism, tasked primarily with social engineering and destroying culture. Weaponized culture was a key tool for destroying the West’s social values and social structure. This is also true of the modern transformations of “art” into its own internal nihilist critique of meaning itself, with hipsterism. Hipsterism could accurately be called the full blossoming of Theodore Adorno’s critical theory, particularly in terms of music. Adorno writes:

What radical music perceives is the untransfigured suffering of man…. The seismographic registration of traumatic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical structural law of music. It forbids continuity and development. Musical language is polarized according to its extreme; towards gestures of shock resembling bodily convulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crystalline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to freeze in her tracks…. Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from the shipwrecked.”

So modern music is geared towards the breakdown of order, beauty, form and meaning, waging a war on all the elements with the intent of disorienting man’s psyche and breaking down his worldview.  In fact Adorno describes it as an attempt at actually causing mania: Continue reading

Russian/Chinese Geo-political Strategies Versus the West

Angelina Jolie on the set of "Salt," in which she plays a Soviet sleeper agent deeply embedded in the CIA.  She holds on set a copy of "War of Necessity" by Richard N Haas, CFR

Angelina Jolie on the set of “Salt,” in which she plays a Soviet sleeper agent deeply embedded in the CIA. She holds on set a copy of “War of Necessity” by Richard N Haas, CFR

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By: Jay

Some analysts have noted that the Cold War is, on an important level, still raging.  The continued espionage between China, Russia and the U.S. represents a real strategic threat that will mean an eventual confrontation between the superpowers.  It is worth noting that the Western media never rarely focuses on threats from either China or Russia, aside from sensationalistic stories that circulated about Anna Chapman.  However, Bloomberg did recently run a story that shows there are still plenty of good people in the FBI and CIA.  The article states:

“Hearkening back to Cold War anxieties, growing signs of spying on U.S. universities are alarming national security officials. As schools become more global in their locations and student populations, their culture of openness and international collaboration makes them increasingly vulnerable to theft of research conducted for the government and industry.”

The idiocy here is that the very establishment that publishes Department of Defense analysis papers on strategic risk trends is the same establishment that pushes all the very policies that lead to a mass influx of foreign intelligence recruits.  It may seem odd to some that youth would be the target of intelligence recruitment or foreign spying, but the truth is the very opposite.  The youth were recruited by both Hitler and Stalin.  Youth is the prime time of life, when arrogance is at its highest and the tempting lure of becoming a “spy” is irresistible to naive young minds.

The Wall Street Journal reports of the Chapman spy ring: “A Russian spy ring busted in the U.S. two years ago planned to recruit members’ children to become agents, and one had already agreed to his parents’ request, according to current and former U.S. officials….Children born or reared in America were potentially more valuable espionage assets than their parents because when they grew up they would be more likely to
pass a U.S. government background check.”  As a side note, remember that Salt came out around the time of the Anna Chapman event, and included Jolie inviting Chapman to attend the Moscow premier of the film.

This is standard fare and nothing new, historically.  Grevork Andreyevich Vartanyan was a famed spy for Russia and was recruited by the Stalinist regime at an early age.  The DailyMail writes: “The legendary Russian-born spy was the son of  an Iranian factory owner of Armenian origin. His father took the family back to  Iran in the 1930s as part of a mission decreed by Stalin.  He enlisted his son who was working  undercover by the age of 16.”

The standard, modern authoritarian leftists and republiconmunists live in a delusional fantasy world where none of this history happened.  The real world is full of espionage, conspiracy and theft of important secrets, despite the very modern idea that “conspiracy” is a fringe circle with little actual evidence to back it up.  Particularly during the Clinton era, the Anglo-American powers armed and built up the North Korean arsenal through its aid to China.  Newsmax reported in 2003:

Russian Spy Ring of 2010

Russian Spy Ring of 2010

“During the early Clinton years, hard-liners and so-called conservative hawks advocated a pre-emptive strike to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons development before it could field an atomic bomb. Instead of taking the hard-line, President Clinton elected to rely on former President Jimmy Carter and decided to appease the Marxist-Stalinist dictatorship.

China and North Korea: partners in communism.

China and North Korea: partners in communism.

Carter met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang and returned to America waving a piece of paper and declaring peace in our time. Kim, according to Carter, had agreed to stop his nuclear weapons development.  The Clinton appeasement program for North Korea included hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, food, oil and even a nuclear reactor. However, the agreement was flawed and lacked even the most informal means of verification.  In return, Kim elected to starve his people while using the American aid to build uranium bombs. The lowest estimate is that Kim starved to death over 1 million of his own people, even with the U.S. aid program.” Continue reading

Calvinism is…

"It's the way we move, sway and raise our palms to that sexy beat."

“It’s the way we move, sway and raise our palms to that sexy beat.”

By: The Gay Nazi Wizard and His Noxious Nest of Nobodies

Calvinism is dust on a Spurgeon devotional on a hearth with a kettle boiling goat’s milk for a mediocre-looking wife’s offspring, sprung from her privy parts.

Calvinism is an “elect” man in a van down by the river with a huge triple cassette tape deck running nonstop, multiple copies off of a generator about the legal status of living by the river on state property.

Calvinism is a week-long lecture on the Song of Solomon, only to retire every evening with your wife giving you zero nookie.

Calvinism is a debate on the legality of saying “missionary position.”

Calvinism is Wednesday night haircut/bible study in the farm home of the “elders.”

Calvinism is congregational ruling elders delivering your offspring through midwifery on the kitchen island.

Calvinism is debating an unknown person a thousand miles away, furiously slapping at the keyboard for hours on the Sabbath, only to immediately click over to

Calvinism is whizzing in your boxers when you first see Gary North’s luminous crown of white hair emerging over the horizon, walking towards you.

Calvinism is running AND

Calvinism is that *rush* you get at hearing “Rushdoony.”

Calvinism is rejecting lace head coverings for being too similar to lascivious lingerie. Continue reading

Jay’s Analysis Tops Reddit’s Hot Philosophy Trend

A big thanks to readers out there who prompted Jay’s Analysis to top the philosophy trends section for almost two days, consistently beating out Peter Singer and David Chamlers, two of the world’s top philosophers.  Reddit’s philosophy trend has 109,000 followers and garnered a lot of attention for the article I wrote last year, “Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky Versus the Enlightenment Mythos.”

The Reddit trend brought almost 10,000 viewers in a 24-48 hour span.

The Reddit trend brought almost 10,000 viewers in a 24-48 hour span: a high number for a phiolosophy article.

Spread the word!

World War Z Secrets Leaked

Apocalypticism, Republiconmunism and Race-specific Bio-Weapons

All aboard!  Here's your passport to republican utopia!

All aboard! Here’s your passport to republican utopia!

By: Jay

For a long time I’ve held back on my actual thoughts on things, but nowadays I could care less. The actual operation of the entire society has become so absurd, backward, and irrational that it is now comical. For those aware, it is quite evident there is a long term plan to re-engineer and reorganize the western world in particular. The modern world is under the delusion that it has been freed from the prison of “superstition” and “dogma”: Altar and throne have been overthrown and now the “New Man” can arise from the ash heap of millennia of “dark ages” and oppression. Modernity has given us medicine and personal computers, right? Indeed, so onwards towards the great utopia! But is this so?  Why do the day-to-day lives of those of use in modernity seem like everything but the great utopia?  The previous millennia has seen a multitude of millenialist demagogues hellbent on establishing the “Great Society,” yet the he awakening public is becoming aware of the sense that modern utopia is really another form of enslavement, as even Zbigniew Brzezinski has noted on multiple occasions.

But what if the uprising of the masses is not really a good thing? Mass uprisings bring forth the reordering of society under a new hierarchy: not the elimination of hierarchy. Marshalling of the masses for political means has ever been the tool of petty tyrants, demagogues and gainsayers, as well as powerful larger interests. To understand the gigantic farce of the modern world’s beliefs about itself, it is to the ancient world that we must turn. This is a point you will almost never hear mentioned, so grab your pen and paper and get ready for notes. Following upon the French Revolution, most of the western world supposedly rejected monarchy and religion in favor of Enlightenment Republicanism. Obviously this doesn’t mean Sarah Palin and George Bush. By “republicanism” is meant the idea of a republic, and the idea of a republic cannot be divorced from Plato, and an analysis of the Republic should be given, but before that, the stream (or sewer) of millennial sects and movements must be explained.

Prior to the French Revolutionary Jacobins and so-called “illuminists,” came the medieval heretical sects of the Bogomils and Cathari that represented the most significant challenges to papal power. While never an organized front, the sectarians were able to wrest various sections of Europe from Roman primacy, while the compliment in the East could be seen as Islam, representing similarly a gnostic challenge to the Imperial Orthodoxy of Byzantium (such is the origin of Bogomilism, which birthed the western gnostic movements).

Also concurrent with these movements were the Catholic orders that had similar trends, like the Franciscans and pseduo-millennialists like Joachim of Fiore. The Joachimites and some Franciscans foresaw an era of mass pouring out of “the Spirit,” ushering in a “golden age” of humanity living righteously. In fact, Benedict XVI has even written concerning these connections in Joachim as follows:

“Ratzinger dug deep in his research. And he discovered that in Bonaventure, there is a strong connection with the vision of Joachim of Fiore, the Franciscan who had prophesied the imminent advent of a third age after those of the Father and the Son, an age of the Spirit, with a renewed and entirely “spiritual” Church, poor, reconciled with Greeks and Jews, in a world restored to peace.”

I think there is a clear conduit from this to modern revolutionary movements. The Thomas Muntzer rebellion should also be mentioned as important currents of modern socialism, inasmuch as Muntzer attempted to practice perfect and total communism. It is also important that these centers of rebellion were France, Germania and Hungary: future centers of radical communism and “illuminism.” Renaissance humanism and the Reformation gave birth to the revolutionary movements of Illuminism and socialism, yet there are two crucial factors seldom mentioned in treatments of this subject that undergird all these trends: Plato and millennialism. Continue reading