The Psychological/Ritual Warfare of Aesthetic Terrorism and Mass Shootings

The progeny of the hashishin...? The medieval terrorists of Islam.

The progeny of the hashishin…? The medieval terrorists of Islam.

The Science of Deduction Shows They Put a Spell on You

By: Jay

In the wake of the latest school shooting the question of “Why?” haunts most people.  A multitude of responses are given in the mainstream media by pundits and analysts, ranging from violent video games, films, to psychotropic drugs, to gun control, and on and on.  None of these people understand what these events are in the bigger picture.  All of the proposed “answers” as to the cause of such events are merely peripheral aspects that are relevant, but fail to give an adequate explanation to the entire phenomenon.  Analysts rarely mention past shooters and the patterns that emerge between them and the present shooting.

In fact, one wonders why profilers and analysts seem absolutely unable to make connections on the deeper, archetypal levels of what is at work in these events.  Since JaysAnalysis was the first to break the story that the Batman shooting in Aurora was a black op ritual event, it is worth pointing out the connection to the Sandy Hook shooting, given the connection to the Dark Knight Rises that has emerged.  Certainly the readiness of the alternative media to jump at every event and interpret it as a “staged event” cause researchers and media to step back with a more sober analysis based on facts (as it should be), yet applying logic, consider this claim:

If there is a mass shooting, it is said to be staged by the dubious alternative media.

The alternative media says this shooting was staged.

Therefore, the claim that it was staged is dubious or not true.

This is a formal fallacy, in the form of affirming the consequent with a touch of the genetic fallacy to boot:

  • If P, then Q.
  • Q.
  • Therefore, P.

The mass media does not concern itself with truth, but with social engineering and manipulation anyway, so it should be no surprise.  The fallacy here is that regardless of the error or skittishness of the alternative and mainstream media, the position of media itself does not determine if the event was a black operation (although mass media focus and skewing can be a clue to the possibility of it being staged.)  In order to understand this event and then look at the possibility of whether it was a black op and/or a ritual event, one must understand the nature of terrorism and its purpose. Continue reading

Light and the Feel of Numbers

Art by Michael Whelan

Art by Michael Whelan

By: Jay

I once watched a show on a young girl named January who was a schizophrenic. Childhood schizophrenia is not a common mental disorder, but what fascinated me in this particular case was the fascination January had with numbers. In fact, she even “felt” numbers and had a certain emotional relationship to them. What immediately struck me was the insight in the midst of this dark situation that January gave: what if, aside from her real mental problems, January was actually on to something—something that her parents and counselors had never considered. What if January was right, and that numbers do have a “feel”?

I once interviewed a recognized mathematical genius who explained that when he was younger, math was difficult because he was more interested in the look of the numbers (as symbolic representations), than in the actual conceptual manipulations of the integers. In both of these examples we have a different perspective on something very common: the look and feel of a number. Similar statements are also made by those who experience altered states of consciousness on drugs, particularly hallucinogens. In those cases, the senses are often mixed up, and so numbers might be mistakenly thought to have a “taste.” While these three cases are not “proofs” per se, they do point in the direction of something I’ve intuited for a few years now.

In the modern Western world nothing is more divorced from one another than the supposed domain of numbers, reason, and logic, set over against the supposed independent domain of feeling, intuition and aesthetic creativity. In another sense, we have right brain versus left brain. The degeneration and collapse of the West is, as I have argued many times, intimately tied to the division of the sciences into specialized, discreet unrelated “fields,” resulting in a compartmentalization of knowledge.

This compartmentalization actually has a tremendous effect of stunting any real progress, leading to a bunch of incompetent drones who (in their minds) master “biology” or “physics” with a ridiculously myopic, stunted, and philosophically nonsensical, contradictory worldview. The average “science” major walks away with his government certificate certifying sound and fury signifying nothing: this “graduate” could no more think his way out of a paper bag than he could give a coherent explanation of the supposed subjects he has “mastered” by repeating socially engineered textbooks by rote. Those who study other exceedingly worthless fields like “sociology” are even more foolish. Continue reading

Modern Science Saw Cherubim and the World Fell

Jewish depiction of  Cherubim

Jewish depiction of Cherubim

By: Jay

As we continue to survey the modern world, recognizing the bombardment of lies and propaganda formerly mentioned, we look also at the confusion and warfare in the realm of gender. This is of crucial import due to the fact that it’s so often missed by those in the anti-revolutionary, anti-modern circles and niches. These crusaders and “trads” are generally the worst off, inasmuch as they assume that any adjustment made to modernity constitutes compromise, apostasy, or some other such heretical term marshaled out and slapped on keyboards with the authority of a medieval cleric in a Latin High Mass. Most often these dreamers exist in a world of theory and fantasia — I know because I was one for over a decade. In fact, it is often these types who are the only interesting people left in society, as the nihilistic, self-abnegating spirit of modernity sucks in the masses to their own doom.

The problem with these circles and niches is not ideology as ideology. Many who leave the ranks of whatever religious fringe circle or traditionalist niche do so as a result of more of an existential angst-dilemma relating to the inability to keep the strictures of the sect or religion’s guidelines. Whether Haredi Jew or Society of Saint Pius X, stories of the patterns of religious anxiety demonstrate commonalities. This is not to say that all of these religions and groups are all true or all false. This is also not to say that it doesn’t matter what religion you choose. Rather, this is more of a psychological analysis of the patterns of praxis resulting from certain worldviews, and what said groups mean in the present state of the world historical.

For these groups, the modus operandi is that of the “old world,” where reality is still structured on the pattern of some form of ancient/medieval hierarchicalism, metaphysically. Whether a gradation of being, or a celestial hierarchy, this worldview will most starkly contrast precisely in the question of metaphysics and ethics. The track of Western Enlightenment rationalism gained the upper hand by tossing out objectivity, essentialism, and telos. In its place, pragmatic psychologism and empiricism came to dominate, and then collapsed into nihilism. Modernity therefore became the inheritor of the worst of the failed philosophies of this era, leading to science basically operating and working, yet denying all the things it sought to prove. Continue reading