Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in “The Great Game”



By: Jay

We in modernity swim in a sea of lies, facades, fronts, and scams that hourly bombard us with continual psychological manipulation and warfare intent on selling something.  In every area of our existence, an engineered “scientific” trap has been laid to ensnare the unwary.  Most humans are unaware of history and civilizations, and thus will go on to their early graves not understanding the two worlds that have been erected around them.  This has historically been the case, as most of the human race lived a nasty, brutish and short agrarian existence.  Lifespans have increased in modernity and this is often hailed as some great advancement, yet the unfortunate dark truth is that these ten or twenty years added to existence are a couple decades divvied out to serve the slave system and have your wealth, energy and savings extracted. 


So while you think you have been afforded all manner of modern luxuries, amenities and dainties, the reality is that you are being enslaved and killed.  The reason for this is that some intelligent, powerful people have determined that you are scum.  It is precisely because the masses do not care about objective reality that they are given a false reality – that other world I spoke of above.  The false reality is one in which all the goods or the real world are transposed and lain as a trap.  Thus whether it be marriage, family, gender, food, education, government, society, economics, life, prosperity, religion, mass media, the environment or technology, each of these facets of modern life have been engineered and weaponized for the purpose of the orderly, incremental destruction of the masses.  Perhaps at this point you may think I am some Marxist or commie, blaming all of the above on “capitalism.”  On the contrary, the truth is quite otherwise.  In fact, the truth is by far much wilder and darker than some ridiculous irrational philosophy like Marxism. 


These two worlds operate simultaneously, and intertwine within one another, yet the masses of billions of people are primarily members of the first world – the facade world.  While this may sound like Platonism, and while there is a sense in which Platonism is a decent analogy (the allegory of the cave), Platonism as an esoteric philosophy is not entirely correct, being afflicted with several fundamental philosophical problems.  However, as an analogy for the land of shadows and phantasms that keep most people chained, it is correct.  The reason for this is that both good and evil have a hierarchy of graded powers which control and rule certain aspects of the world.  For the purposes of this article, I want to constrain my analysis to the human level. 

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The West, Russia, Eurasian Union and Esoterism

The Great Game: Britain’s Attempt to Keep Russia at Bay.

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By: Jay

There has always been a close relationship between secret societies and covert affairs.  Both are concerned with secret information, and both form societies of those “in the know.”  These relations are ancient, as the history of state affairs and the cultus of the polis often intersected.   Nieztsche wrote about the ascendancy of the cunning priestly power over the barbaric power of the warrior class, which then gave rise to what we call “morals.”  While that itself a unique form of conspiracy theory, what we call “conspiracy theory” is really just espionage or deep politics.  As long as there will be been court intrigues, the world’s second oldest profession will continue, and thus conspiracies will continue.

Traversing the modern geo-political sphere, one becomes aware of the conspiratorial toponymy very quickly.  I have often observed these deeper truths somewhat between the lines in standard geo-political works, yet clearly present nonetheless.  A presistent example of this kind of “between the lines” deeper truths and “buzzwords” can be found in the patterns that emerge in studies on espionage.  For example, mainstream researcher A of covert affairs will often refer to terrorists X being tracked by western intelligence prior to Y terror event.  Y event occurs, and other resaercher B will type up exposes of other details of the events that researcher A failed to mention.  Combining these two works with the mainline news analysis will then shed tremendous light on X event.    Yet it seems many within the system itself tasked with the job of analysis and monitoring of said events, don’t even do this, which I presume is a result of compartmentalization.  We will see an example of this below.

When analyzing Russia, for example, a host of positions arise, from the Neo-cons who feel Russia is a great danger together with the older cold warrior analysts who argue the communists simply went underground (and perestroika was a deception), to the more open approach of a “multi-polar” world and globalism.  The neo-cons, of course, have their own particular version of globalism, but the recent Obama victory could signal the ascendancy of the more internationally-minded leftists/socialists, exemplified in the European Union-style socialism that is now being implemented in California.  Having once lived in California years ago, in the U.S. it very evident that California is a test tube preparation for the rest of the country.

The multiculturalism and corporate-run “green” environmental tyranny are to be expanded, as Obama promises “carbon taxes” levied on the already overtaxed populace intent on completing the process of deindustrialization (the lesser Great Bear – California!).   This process is an extension of the older eugenics programs, which eventually allied with Socialism and communism.  Fascism’s racial population control has morphed into a top-down socialist/Fascist model where the Western elites have the upper hand, having installed the same agenda worldwide.  The talking heads on TV blab all day about “government spending” and “terror attacks” which all pale in comparison to the overall 25-50 year globalist goals.  The longterm goals are not centered around “free market capitalism”or “American Imperialism”  (like leftists foolishly think), but on global governance. Continue reading

Phoenix From the Ashes: Imperial Mythos and Systemic Collapse

The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

By: Jay

When readers and friends hear the claim “total systemic collapse,” they often refer to such claims as a “conspiracy theory,” and something  impossible to project or predict.  Those of us who predict such negative outcomes for the present system are castigated as myopic in our views, seeing “everything as a conspiracy.”  Of course, it doesn’t matter how many times we on the other side are correct, the general public (whose memory of current events is literally amnesic) insists on not paying to attention to the past, or even recent scandals.  And they never will.

So, it doesn’t matter that “conspiracy theorists” (so-called) were right about the technocratic banking takeover, poisoned food and water, bailouts at taxpayers expense, social engineering and feminism, corporate and public welfare, corporate fascism, government-sponsored drug and gun running, election fraud, both parties being bought and paid for, false flag terror events, the phony green movement, balkanization, and countless other bombshell stories the alternative media has broken doesn’t phase those on the other side one bit.   Those in the know can be right a hundred times over, and the public will still choose to believe the system, after the system has openly lied to them a hundred times.

And so the reason the present system is unsustainable and will collapse is due to the fact that the system itself wants systemic collapse.  To the common man, that seems absurd.  The common man, using “common man common sense” assumes that those at the top think like he does.  Do they not love their families like he?  Do they not seek the benefit of their neighbor and the state like he?  Do they not seek the prosperity of the nation?  Why, anything else would be nonsensical!  The great folly of this line of thinking is precisely why said man is the common man-the vulgar man.  The old classical notion of the vulgar man was what was uneducated, lower class and common.  The common man  therefore has no knowledge of how the world actually functions.  He sees the world through the simplicity fo his parochial village consciousness.  This was the older notion of the common, vulgar man in the class system.

Supposedly following the Enlightenment and revolutions, the class differences were to be restructured with “equality” replacing the “unfair” caste systems of the medieval world.  In reality, as anyone with any modicum of sense knows, modernity simply replaced the older elites with a new class of elites.   The transition was thus from the nobility to the merchant class.  The economics of mercantilism and capitalism rose to the fore, displacing the traditionalism of the ancient and medieval world.  As Michel Foucault correctly points out, the “medieval shepherds” of the church morphed into vestments of white lab coats, where a new “scientific dictatorship” so-called displaced the old hereditary elite.   In actual fact, the “scientific dictatorship” itself is not an objective, neutral power subject to the rule of reason, but itself the scientific dictatorship subject to the money power.

From the East India Company to the Rockefeller Foundation, the West is not run by reason and science, but the money power, as Spengler noted.  And what Spengler was so brilliant in predicting was the life-cycle of these systems’ patterns of imperial powers based on the analysis of past civilizations.  Spengler therefore becomes an important focus for worldview and systems analysis.  If humans operate the same over time, then the modus operandi of past empires can be a model for the stages of future empires.  The present zeitgeist is one dominated by the money power and merchant class. Continue reading

The Strangeloop, Metaphysical Models and Reality

“Round and round we go, where we stop, Godel only knows.”

By: Jay

We often hear from those dominated by the notion of “science” so-called that models of reality can never be a grand narrative again, as well as that the conceptual framework utilized to explain the world cannot be extrapolated onto the “external world” with certainty due to the “fact” that the explanatory models themselves are purely human conceptual frameworks.  Explanatory models are not true, we are told, because they have explanatory power. Thus, Newtonian physics is no longer accurate because it breaks down at the subatomic level.

From Kant onwards, the West has adopted the mistaken notion that no mental framework can accurately and with firm certainty be predicated of external reality.  This perceived wisdom dominates academia, particularly in scientific circles.  Epistemology is a no man’s land because Kant has purportedly demonstrated that empirical knowledge can never penetrate the noumenal realm. But is this true?

This is all poppycock and hogwash, and every argument the so-called scientific establishment uses to foist this upon nubile, young college minds is utterly flawed bullshit.  In fact, the claim that all conceptual models are only models is itself a foundational conceptual claim that purports to position its arrogant pontificator in a place of high epistemic privilege.  “We just don’t know,” it spews forth, “whether the concepts in our minds match up to the actual facts of the external world.”  However, following this flawed train, it also follows that we don’t know that our claims of a lack of knowledge are accurate.  In other words, to say all models of reality are flawed because they cannot demonstrate that they obtain for the objects of perception is equally applicable to the universal claim that “all models of reality are flawed and cannot certainly obtain for the external world.”

In fact, the purveyor of this bad argument is generally unaware of basics of linguistic philosophy.   Linguistic philosophy, in fact, points directly back to the reemergence of metaphysics.  But metaphysics is what modernity doesn’t want to talk about, due to the still dominant Enlightenment phantom empiricism.  Though enlightenment empiricism has been refuted a thousand times over, like bin Laden, it magically seems to emerge from the philosophical grave to wreak intellectual havoc.  And now, a whole crop of “New Atheists” who harp all day about the outdated classical arguments for theism furiously slap away at keyboards resurrecting the outdated arguments for classical empiricism and materialism.  So much for intellectual honesty.

One simple way to refute the above fallacy with linguistic philosophy is to show that the very symbols used by the so-called skeptic of models is that the usage of language itself requires a complex set of metaphysical preconditions which must obtain for the very possibility of language at all.  I have written about this before, but it functions well here as a refutation of this common error.

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