Cloud Atlas (2012) – Esoteric Analysis

Film poster. “Everything is Connected.”

The Gospel of Illuminism

By: Jay

Cloud Atlas (2012) was an interesting film on several levels. Fans of both the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer will quickly recognize the fingerprints of all three, especially philosophical elements of the Matrix trilogy.  From the perspective of moral assessment, there is much in the film that I object to, but artistically speaking, I think it was excellent.  On a deeper, symbolic level, the film also has a wealth of beautiful imagery that alone made it worth watching, while on an even deeper, esoteric level, it is clear as to its meaning: metempsychosis and gnostic deification.  The history of western esoterism has long been obsessed with the notion of reclaiming lost knowledge and technology, all the way back to Plato’s Timaeus, and its legends of Atlantis.

Though I have not read the novel, I can divine its meaning from the film.  While audiences the land over appear to be bewildered, the knotted yarn can easily be untangled.  Early on, we are clued into a reference to Nietzsche’s “eternal recurrence,”  a shooting star birthmark that recurs in characters over different generations, and a highly significant musical piece being written, known as the “Cloud Atlas.”  In total, six different time periods with a handful of reincarnated persons all interconnect, leading from 1846 to 2346.  The other element that stands out is that each of these periods includes some system of oppression.  The first, 1846, involves slavery and human trafficking, with a good Christian man helping save the life of a good-hearted slave.  In the next, a Cambridge University gay couple battles the system of post-Victorian era “sexual oppression,” which leads to one of the two writing the “Cloud Atlas” musical piece.

From there, a hot 1970s journalist Halle Berry interacts with one of the gay lovers who has documentation to expose a large nuclear facility that is planning on a false flag event to make nuclear power look bad, for the benefit of big oil.  Next, we are introduced to a publisher in 2012 London who engineers an escape from an old folks’ home, and from there, we move to a dystopian Korean future where a one world government known as “Unanimity” rules with technocratic iron fist.  In this timeline, Sonmi-451 is a genetically engineered clone that works as an acolyte in the religion of the future: Fast Food.  From there, we move to a post-apocalyptic unknown continent that has been destroyed by what appears to be a nuclear disaster or war of some kind, in which the future future Tom Hanks must guide a future future Halle Berry to the location of a Sonmi “temple,” which is actually the technology to go offworld.

Without getting bogged down in the details of the non-linear narrative, and exactly how they connect, the viewer should understand that the story is told in a non-linear fashion to associate the viewer with the idea of eternal return.  The narratives are non-linear like the philosophy: each character is thus reincarnated into different roles and forms, based upon the decisions and roles made in the last life.  Death, as Sonmi-451 (the film’s prophet-philosopher), explains, is just a doorway to the next life.  The decisions you make in this life, determine the birth in the next, she explains.  This is metempsychosis, and the ancient transmigration of souls taught by Plato and the Eastern mystery religions.  The wheel of birth and death can only be transcended by enlightenment and right living, the general philosophy goes, which will lead to the recovery of the lost gnosis, or in this case, and in some of western esoterism, lost technology. Continue reading

Big Oil, Big Banks, and Big Money: War for Control of New World Order

Behold the Crack of Doom!

Or, Total Systemic Collapse – By Design, Pt. 2

Part 1 here.

By: Jay

I wrote in my last post about the background to the coming collapse, including several links to espionage, false flags and economic issues.  This article will pick up with the economics issues.  As mentioned, the plan for collapse arises out the British model of divide and conquer,  concomitant with economic warfare.  One can in fact see a connection between the “7 nations”/Middle Eastern attack plan of the Pentagon and the World Bank/IMF attack on the Eurozone, which formerly occurred in Russia in the 90s under the Yeltsin administration.  As many writers have noted, the Yeltsin era was one of mafiaocracy, where bankers and mafiosos looted the economy of Russia, leading to currency devaluation and rapid inflation, while the megabanks funnelled the real wealth offshore.

While I am not advocating a Pro-Russian stance, this is an objectively true analysis (the only kind of relevant analysis).  One then sees that same two-pronged attack in terms of military tactics and currency warfare on the part of the Anglo-establishment, ultimately for the control of Central Asia.  Putin thus represents a contrarian mafia stance in opposition to the West, which is the reason, for example, for the western intelligence apparatchiks staging and supporting the “pussy riot” and “anti-Putin protests.”  This is quite obvious to any cognizant observer, and Alexander Dugin, Putin’s chief geo-strategist, explains this in a recent interview.

It’s crucial to recognize as well that economic warfare can be accomplished with regulation or deregulation, depending on the need of the situation at hand.  Deregulation might function in a situation where a sovereign state has a law that impedes the IMF or some international corporation’s design to privatize a nation’s resources.  Regulation might function for the Anglo-establishment in a case where lobbying can buy off regulators to pass laws that favor one corporation, while in turn levying heavy taxes and fines on a competitor, which pushes the competition out of business.  The need at hand dictates the politics of the scam. Continue reading

Total Systemic Collapse – By Design Pt. 1

Road Warrior.

By: Jay

Total systemic collapse is now inevitable.  And since I daily encounter people who know me as a “conspiracy theorist” of some marginal note, I am going to document how and why the existing system is going to collapse.  Most people have some vague sense that this or that party is doing X wrong and Y needs to occur, but most are still in the dark about the real machinations of world geo-politics.

Aldous Huxley spoke of making the slaves love their servitude in his famous Berkeley speech, and he put it in Brave New World, too.   Because the public cannot accept the hard reality that their world is a complete farce and is a large, staged theater, the sensible thing the power elites (the big banks) have determined is to create a large laboratory – essentially a worldwide Disney test tube, where all things are tracked and traced and stored.

Tech nerds will think of Hari Seldon’s psychohistory in the famed Foundation series of Asimov and think of a grand, glorious scientific future, yet that is not what has happened.  The system is run by eugenicists (missing in Asimov’s Foundation) who sit atop the head spots of pharmaceutical corporations and banks.  They set up the OSS and CIA, based on the round table groups, which were created by British Intelligence.  This British model continues today in shadow form, and even openly publishes and analyzes their own operations publicly, admitting that the terror is western-run.  Mark Curtis is a former research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the basis for the round table groups).

Mark Curtis’ book Secret Affairs is a great intelligence read.  It chronicles the West’s funding of terror and Wahhabism from the earliest days, back to Lawrence of Arabia and the British Intelligence Middle Eastern micro-state creation.   From the Ottoman Turks to Al Qaeda, the British have ever used the same model of destabilization with radical Islam, particularly in regard to keeping Russia at bay (and preventing both a Czarist and Soviet Empire).  This is the origin of the classical term, “The Great Game,” in terms of control of Central Asia, which Brzezinski describes in The Grand Chessboard.  Rudyard Kipling used it in his novel Kim, about Kim Philby, the famous British double (or triple?) agent leaking secrets to the Soviets.  This is also the basis for the LeCarre novel/film, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  The Great Game continues today, in fact, as we see the Western Anglo establishment fighting proxy wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and others, as well as setting up destabilization movements in other Middle Eastern nations, which General Wesley Clark described would happen years ago. Continue reading