Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) – Jay’s Analysis

The Eye of the Umbrella Corporation is watching you!

By: Jay

I confess, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t found a real analysis of Resident Evil in the “conspiracy” realm.  There are a few videos on youtube, but the quality is so poor, there’s no point in mentioning them.  I am sure many of my friends and compatriots will sneer and giggle at a Resident Evil analysis, inasmuch as I am basically the only one who sees any value in the series.

In fact, not so much because the storyline is that great (it’s pretty cookie-cutter, since it is a video game film), but from a “conspiracy” vantage point, the symbols and messages in the series are exceptionally relevant.  The “conspiracy” view is hot stuff nowadays, and pop culture is rife with “Illuminati” references everywhere.  Resident Evil, however, is deeper than one might expect, and worthy of analysis, if anything because it has become a billion dollar plus franchise.  In particular, I’m going to focus on the latest installment, Resident Evil: Retribution.

The overall plot, for those who aren’t aware, focuses on Alice (Milla Jovovich), the former head of security for the Umbrella Corporation, the omnipotent, omnipresent shady conglomerate that focuses on genetic engineering, bio-tech, bio-warfare, cloning and virology in its endless underground cities and facilities.  Alice eventually discovers she is herself a crucial Umbrella experiment, being imprinted with an entirely false past with false memories and genetically engineered abilities that have resulted from the famed T-Virus, which originally caused the zombie apocalypse.  Alice is constantly being cloned and tested on, with endless Millas piling up like hot sexy garbage.  Alice wants answers and revenge, and embarks on a never ending mission to stop Umbrella and save what is left of the human race following the ravages of the now global zombie apocalypse.

In the first few installments, Alice escapes from the Umbrella facilities that are run by an A.I. supercomputer known as “Red Queen.”   At first, communist ideology comes to mind with the red queen (since feminism is a Communist movement), and given the imagery and symbolism of the new film, it would not be far off.  Communist/Soviet imagery and symbolism dominates the new film, making it even more “Illuminist” than I would have ever expected.  The Cold War is referenced and made use of symbolically throughout the film, with resurrected undead Soviet zombies being used in the underground simulation cities.  (The Red Queen is also the queen in Alice in Wonderland.)

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Only hot chicks will survive.

As it turns out, Alice only thinks she is in Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, etc.  In actual fact, the cities are recreated simulations in a completely controlled and surveilled Umbrella underground base.  In fact, underground cities and bases are very real, being mentioned all the way back in James Bamford’s classic The Puzzle Palace in 1982.  A.I. Supercomputers like the “Red Queen” also exist, as Bamford has written of, as well.  Bamford wrote in that work:

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Jay’s Analysis on Tom Lynn Show – 9 11 as False Flag

In my return to “Radical Analysis,” we discuss the basic overview of the events of 9 11 which demonstrate a clear and consistent narrative of a planned event by rogue forces within the system.

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The Master (2012) – Jay’s Analysis

The fractured, kaleidoscope poster portrays the fractured, disassociative nature of Freddie Quell’s psyche.

By: Jay

P.T. Anderson’s The Master is great, primarily as an artistic presentation of a very dark subject: the manipulation of mind control.  Not mind control in the mass psyche which this blog focuses on generally, but in the localized cult setting.  Loosely based on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, The Master  is an in-depth display of the tactics and techniques of manipulation, brainwashing and mind control, as the Hubbard-esque Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) plays the puppet strings with the fledgling cult.  Dodd’s focus in the story is the base vagrant Freddie Quell, who stumbles upon a yacht rented by Dodd and finds temporary work.   Interestingly, Hubbard himself possessed a similar yacht for a time, particularly during the heyday of his mountebank activities.

While most people have a vague idea of Scientology, the majority are unaware of Hubbard’s occult activities prior to creating Scientology.  Hubbard was involved in Crowleyanism for several years and “graduated” from his period of occult tutelage.  In effect, this meant that Hubbard had mastered the tools of manipulation and human psychology.   Hoffman plays Dodd brilliantly as a charismatic con-man (essential for any cult leader).  In this regard, what is lucidly portrayed are actual mind control techniques used by cults.

Principally, Dodd uses repetition of vague phrases, reaching into Quell’s subconscious to find the weaknesses in his psyche, as well as traumatic incidents involving war experiences, an absent father and sexual sins.  After bringing up these traumatic incidents, Dodd quickly elicits warm-fuzzies by appealing to Quell’s most pleasurable memories surrounding a youthful flame.  As the manipulation progresses, Quell is subject to a back and forth process of acceptance and rejection, where the individual is given a proxy family (the cult), and then fears exclusion and exile.   A pattern emerges, and the individual’s will is subject to mandated meaningless, repetitious actions (often under sensory deprivation), with the goal of disorienting the psyche, and attaching it to the welcoming father and mother archetypes (Dodd and his wife, played by Amy Adams).  Quell’s conditioning, termed in the film “processing,” is eerily reminiscent of trauma-based mind control.  In fact, the film is really about Dodd learning to become a charismatic, slimy master of human manipulation. Continue reading

Jay’s Analysis – 95.7FM Tom Lynn Show Part 2 – Geo-Politics and False Flags

In this return to local Cincinnati Radio, Tom Lynn and I discuss black ops/false flags, propaganda, vaccines, social engineering, the Huxleys, geo-politics, Libya and Syria, as well as Al Qaeda, and cognitive dissonance.

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Jay’s Analysis FM Radio Debate – Marxism Vs. Capitalism

*Note: The audio is my own recording in the radio studio. Apologies for the low volume on Tom’s end.

I appeared on local Cincinnati FM radio WVQC 95.7 to debate Anarcho-Marxist host, Tom Lynn of the show “Radical Analysis.” We discuss geo-politics, ethics and metaphysics, nature vs. nurture, propaganda, capitalism and the works of Marx, the Marxist tradition’s philosophical evolution, labor and organization of capital, individualism versus collectivism, and much more