Jay’s Analysis – Philosophy of Systems Analysis

Jay’s Analysis Intro to Philosophy – Relativism – Flight From Reality

Truth? Objectivity? Logic? Knowledge? Metaphysics? Who cares? I do! You can’t have a proper education without philosophy! In this discussion, I give an impromptu introduction to philosophy – a 101 class, if you will. I cover the three major branches of philosophy: ethics, knowledge, and metaphysics, and how these three are inter-related and make up a worldview. I give examples, cite relevant philosophical works, and decostruct relativism as a prime example “doing philosophy” and why it matters.

Alex Jones’ Batman/Dark Knight Analysis Based on Mine

Another hat tip, it appears.  Four years ago, Jones had me on, and we discussed Batman Begins, and the first half of his analysis reads like mine, here.

Peter Schiff Brilliantly Deconstructs Obamanomics

This is so brilliant and Obama’s plan is so absurd, it requires being in the comedy videos section, as well.

Jay’s Analysis Interviews in One Place

Rand Paul and Alex Jones

Jay’s Analysis Interviews:

Kentucky Republican Senator, Rand Paul

New York Times’ Best Seller and author of Crossfire, the basis for Oliver Stone’s JFK (and co-screenwriter), Jim Marrs

My appearance on the Alex Jones show discussing predictive programming in pop culture, and an earlier call-in

Former Mi5 Spymaster and Whistleblower, Annie Machon

Two-decade intelligence veteran and CIA-trained black ops expert, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

Award-winning Reuters’ federal reserve correspondent, Pedro da Costa

Groundbreaking researchers and authors, Phillip and Paul Collins of ConspiracyArchive.com