Blade Runner: Indepth Esoteric Analysis

German Film Poster

Highest Levels of Illuminism Revealed

By: Jay

In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, we are presented with a prescient, dystopian future based on Phillip K. Dick’s novella, “Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep?” We will see that this film is full of not only accurate predictions of the future’s general landscape, but is also suffused with occult imagery and deep symbolic themes, as well as raising crucial moral and social issues.  As I will argue, the film operates on several levels: as the immediate story itself, the predictive future level with social critiques, the level of covert operations and mind control, and the deepest level, that of myths, archetypes, and alchemical occult initiatory transformation.  All these levels must be integrated to grasp the full import of the film as Ridley Scott conveys it.  The deepest level is what holds the other levels together in coherence and meaning.

As the film begins, the viewer is shown the 2020 landscape of Los Angeles, and then an eye viewing the landscape.  The eye represents the viewer, and just as I explained in my analysis of Eyes Wide Shut, the viewing of the film itself will constitute an initiatory experience.  The viewer is going to be shown the elite plan, yet the eyes of most will remain shut.  For the masses, there is no ability to make deeper level connections and associations between ideas, symbols and archetypes.  For the viewer who has eyes to see, they are seeing the future itself, as well as the worldview of the ruling class.  In fact, Blade Runner ranks with Eyes Wide Shut as one of the most explicit revelations of the method of the ruling oligarchs.  My interpretation of this is confirmed by the fact that the film doesn’t show us whose eye we see.  In fact, the reflection in the eye shows the scene the viewer just saw of the L.A. cityscape.

It is significant that we are presented with two shots of the eye and then the cut to the Tyrell corporation’s ziggurat/pyramid shape. Immediately we are presented with Egyptian symbology, as well as the notions of the so-called “Illuminati.” The all-seeing eye is flashed in between images of the exalted pyramid in order to initiate the viewer into who is running things.  This is the connection of imagery and meaning that most are not able to make. 

We are given hints as well that perhaps this is an ancient technology of dominance – the “technology of the gods.” In reality, the technology of the gods meme refers to the elite perspective of themselves and their “magickal” worldview: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, as Arthur C. Clarke’s third law says.  The “god” is the one who controls the genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.  The cap of the pyramid is empty because the head of the system is secret.  It’s a shadow corporate government, where the eye floats above the pyramid itself.  The eye is thus above and transcends the externalization of the hierarchy on earth. 

Original DARPA “TIA” logo, echoing the Tyrell Corporation.

When the viewer approaches the pyramid in the open scene, it is engulfed in golden sunlight, conjuring up notions of Ra and Egypt.  The mysteries of Egypt center around the godlike philosopher king (Pharoah), as the material manifestation of Atum Ra, mirroring the spiritual hierarchy on the spiritual plane.  In this dystopian future, the Egyptian scheme is replaced by a corporate system.  The light is enlightening the viewer, taking him along for the ride in the flying car to the top of the pyramid.  In other words, for those that can see, you are about to see what they see. Continue reading